Famous People With A Cleft Lip & Palate (Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week)

When I first found out that my Frankie would be born with a severe cleft lip and palate, my thoughts immediately turned to his future and I thought there was a very strong possibility that he would grow up not being able to do what he wanted with his life because of it.  But did you know that there are quite a few famous actors, sportspeople, politicians, comedians and musicians who have a cleft lip and palate?  It didn’t affect their careers and doing what they wanted to do, so when I found out about these people having a cleft lip and palate, I was filled with so much more hope for my Frankie’s future.  Sadly he didn’t make it into this world.

But if he had lived, these are the people I would have told him about and I would have told him that a cleft lip and palate is no barrier at all to him living his life and his dreams:

1. Tim Duggan – Retired Olympic Cyclist
1809619592.customBorn with a cleft lip and palate.

2.  Joaquin Phoenix – Actor
joaquin-phoenix-recording-artists-and-groups-photo-u10Born with a micro cleft lip and palate, one of the less severe forms.

3.  Jesse Jackson – American Politician
jesse-jackson-football-players-american-photo-u2 - CopyBorn with a cleft lip.

4.  Peyton Manning – American Football NFL Quarterback
peyton-manning-football-players-american-photo-u20 - CopyBorn with a cleft lip.

5.  Cheech Martin of “Cheech & Chong” – Actor
cheech-marin-recording-artists-and-groups-photo-u2 - CopyBorn with a cleft lip.

6.  Jose Ferrer – Actor
jos-ferrer-theater-actors-photo-u1 - Copy7.  Tutankhamun – King

Scientists believe that King Tut had a cleft lip and palate.

8.  Stacy Keatch – Actor

downloadBorn with a cleft lip and palate. Keach is now an advocate for the cause and it is rumoured that his trademark mustache is because of his cleft lip and palate.

9.  Carmen Bachar- Singer with the Pussycat Dolls
carmit-bachar-recording-artists-and-groups-photo-u2 - CopyBorn with a cleft lip and palate.

10. Wendy Harmer – Comedian
wendy-harmer-people-in-film-photo-u1Born with a cleft palate and as a result she speaks with a lisp.

11.  Richard Hawley – Guitarist
richard-hawley-recording-artists-and-groups-photo-u1 - Copy

Born with a cleft lip and palate.

12.  Ljubo Milicevic- Professional Football Player
ljubo-milicevic-football-players-soccer-photo-u1 - CopyBorn with a cleft lip and palate.

* – Pictures are from Ranker.com and information gathered from online sources.


13 thoughts on “Famous People With A Cleft Lip & Palate (Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week)

  1. There was a leopard in the Kruger National Park who acquired the name Stacey Keach after a fight left him with a scar. Leopard is gorgeous, just like Stacey.


  2. My son who just passed away at age 34+ on November 30, 2019 has a cleft lip/palate. Before his birth, I’d never seen or heard of it. As a first time young mom, I was devastated because I thought that I had somehow caused it & I didn’t want people to gawk & stare at my ‘STILL BEAUTIFUL CHILD’! Luckily for him, we had ‘THE BEST PLASTIC SURGERY TEAM WITH THE LAST DR STUART HULNICK (FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION) & DR ZARRINIA (ORTHODONTICS)’ leading the way! When DR HULNICK passed away we went with DR DAVID LOW at C.H.O.P. who competed the series of his 11 operations & HE WAS VERY HANDSOME at time of death(which his deformity had nothing to do with)! I AM WELL INFORMED NOW & APPRECIATE ALL WHO HELP THESE BEAUTIFUL BABIES LIVE BETTER LIVES!!?


  3. I was born with cleft palate only. I have had 2 surgeries and I’m 17 years old as of right now. God has kept his hand upon my shoulder this entire time with my mom, family, and myself. Thank you all for the heart felt comments on here! God bless everyone!


  4. Hi
    My name is Angela, my son was born with a cleft lip and plate.
    He’s had multiple surgeries starting when he was three months old.
    He’s now 22 years old.
    I think that he looks amazing, however he’s struggling because his first serious girlfriend of almost three years broke up with him.
    He’s been going on social media to find someone and when I ask him to see his picture they delete him.
    As a mother, I’m devastated and I’m worried about my son.
    His father & I got divorced when he was four, he lived with me until he was 6.
    He asked me if he could move in with his dad because his best friend lived next door.
    I agreed to it because, I felt that he had gone through enough at his young age and all I wanted was for him to be happy.
    I told him that if he ever changed his mind that my door was always open.
    We have a great relationship which I am very grateful for, however I feel that I have failed him.
    I feel so helpless to hear my son talk about himself and that he’s never going to find someone. It’s heartbreaking for a mother to hear that.
    If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I wish that any of these celebrities that were born with a cleft lip would reach out.


    • Hi Angela, as a person who is currently 36 with a cleft lip and palate, I can sympathize for him when it comes to dating. The only advice I can give him is to keep his head up. This condition is definitely a character builder, and it doesn’t stop for no one. He should concentrate on himself, grow and show the good person he is in every opportunity he can.. His time will come.


    • I was born with a Cleft palate. I am 60 years old women. I had two surgeries that didn’t happen until I was in my thirties. I still have slight speech problems. You tell your son to be himself be confident. With me I have always prayed to God and he will supply what I ask for. I been married and I have two kids. My daughter was born with a cleft, but she had surgery at a early age so you will never know unless she tell you. I struggled with self esteem. You tell your son too except himself and love who he is are he would always struggle with relationships. Everybody journey is different. Tell your son to stay strong and positive even when things are not going so well. If you like too reach out to me just comment back and let me know.


    • My name is David, I understand his dilemma, I’m 75, been told I have a great singing voice, but have always struggled with self acceptance.
      All I can say, keep up the good fight, people will always judge the outside of someone, the key for me is always to be honest, live up to your own expectations and abilities and live your life.


    • You son will find someone who truly loves him for who he is. I have a cleft lip and palate. Today is my 46th wedding anniversary. I have a very handsome husband and two beautiful children. I also had a very successful professional life. Beauty is who you are not how you look.


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