Frankie’s Legacy: Frankie’s Story & BBC Midlands Today

My husband and I are completely over the moon with this video that we had done by James McDonald from <a href=””>All About Worcester</a>, which told Frankie’s story and how the charity came into existence.  It also shows what we are trying to fundraise for, and how we hope to raise awareness of cleft lip/palate, stillbirth and chromosome 15 duplication syndrome:

We were also interviewed by the lovely Cath Mackie on BBC Midlands Today for a piece about Frankie’s Legacy, which aired on Friday 11th April 2014 on the Midlands Today bulletins on BBC Breakfast, as well as the lunchtime, early evening and late evening bulletins:

We’ve had such amazing support for what we are doing as a charity, and are having a much needed rest this long Bank Holiday weekend so we are ready to start fundraising properly from next week onwards! A rest is good for the soul they say, and as much as my husband and I would like to, we can’t keep going on at 100mph. We need some “us” time.

Hope you enjoy the videos!


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