The Missing Date

pink-question-markRight now I’m really upset.

I’m upset because there is no February 29th and therefore no way of me being able to acknowledge the three month anniversary of Frankie being born sleeping.   When I realised this I was beside myself – how was I going to be able to acknowledge the 3 month anniversary since Frankie was born sleeping?  I could acknowledge it on February 28th or March 1st, but that’s not the same – his birthday was on November 29th.

It is incredible how the smallest of things is still enough to set me off massively.  On the surface it seems a bit silly to be so upset over there being no February 29th, and yet this reduced me to floods of tears.  I’m so sad that I can’t light a candle for Frankie on the exact 3 month anniversary of his birthday, so I’ll have to do this on February 28th instead.  There is no way I’m letting a month go by without marking the anniversary of Frankie’s birth.

I still miss Frankie every second of every day, and I don’t want to miss out on marking his birth anniversary.


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