Is It March Already?


Is it March already?
I didn’t realise it was
I’m stuck in time
On November 29

My son was born sleeping that day
My heart was shattered and broken
It will never mend again
I feel like I’m going insane

All I want is to hold
My beautiful son in my arms
But grief consumes me
My loss so terribly plain to see

No newborn open eyes
No newborn smell
No newborn smiling or crying
If I said I was over it I’d be lying

People smile and laugh
They go along their way
I wasn’t supposed to have this life
One without my son full of grief and strife

I was supposed to be a mother
Breastfeeding and changing nappies
Instead I have an empty nursery
With an empty cot as plain as can be

And no-one will ever know
My son who I held for a day
Who never smiled nor cried
But changed my life completely anyway

I cannot let your memory die
I cannot let your existence mean nothing
Your brief time on this earth will be
A wonderful thing through your legacy

So as each new day dawns
And the pain of losing you so raw
I will work hard day night and day
To raise awareness, come what may

Of cleft lip and palate
Of stillbirth and angels born sleeping
Of the rare chromosome disorder you had
That would have meant your life would be very very bad

Oh my sweet baby son Frankie
Do you know any different in heaven
I hope you never missed me your mother
When you felt the angel’s kiss

By Frankie’s Mummy – February 24th 2014

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