Faith By Rob Bristol

1526919_752298581465472_2142492915_nAs many of you know who read this blog I write poetry in my spare time and I am the Founder and former Director of the Worcestershire Literary Festival (now Worcestershire Lit Fest & Fringe) which ran for the first time in 2011.  Poetry was a big part of the festival and I have also read my work at various spoken word events around the Midlands, although I am no longer involved with the festival now as I have bigger priorities in my life that I focus on, this blog being just one of them, as well as keeping Frankie’s memory and legacy alive.

My ex-husband’s cousin Enzo Simone who lives in the States linked me up on Facebook with one of his friends called Rob Bristol, who also writes poetry.  Rob shares links on my timeline every so often of poems he’s written and today he shared this one with me, which is called Faith:

As darkness hides your beauty,
And hope is left behind,
Tomorrow holds no interest,
Fear has gripped your mind.


You appear to lose all spirit,
No faith to guide your way,
All around seems empty,
As night makes way for day.


A portrait staring at you,
Some photo’s in a book,
Reflections of true beauty,
You really ought to look.


The picture of a baby,
Awaits your watchful eyes,
Tomorrow is his future,
In him, your purpose lies.


His mind is slowly forming,
Each day brings something new,
All colours of the rainbow,
A love he shares with you.


When darkness shrouds all beauty,
Hope seems hard to find,
You seek fresh inspiration,
To leave all fears behind.


Above, appears a rainbow,
A baby smiles your way,
Tomorrow is your future,
Embrace the light of day….

I was absolutely in bits when I read it and I cried, it was so beautiful and made me think of my Frankie up in heaven.  Rob, thank you for writing and sharing such a lovely poem for not just my Frankie, but all the babies born sleeping who are now in heaven.  I’m sure there will be many parents out there who will resonate with your words, as well as myself.



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